NEW YORK, New York, July 8, 2005  -  The AllAfricaRadio, now popularly known
as the Voice of Africa, has become the talk of Africans in the New York area,
as most Africans are praising the program as what is greatly needed in the
African community.  The AllAfricaRadio was launched on June 3, 2005, to a wide
reception within the African community in the New York tri-state region,
including New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.  The AllAfricaRadio
is broadcast on AM radio channel, WPAT 930-AM, every Friday at 9:00 pm.  The AllAfricaRadio is
now available throughout the world for those who wish to listen to the program
through or

Since it started, the program has had such luminaries as Professor Ibrahim
Gambari, newly promoted and appointed U.N. Under-Secretary-General
for Political Affairs from his former position as Under-Secretary-General and Special
Adviser on Africa; Senegalese Prime Minister Makhie Sall; Secretary to Ghanaian
President, Ambassador D.K. Osei; the Hon. Congressman Charles Rangel, Ranking
Member of the Ways and Means Committee, the most powerful committee in the U.S.
Congress; author and recognized economist at American University, Prof. George
Ayittey; Chief Executive Officer of the Africa-America Institute, Mr. Kofi
Boateng; economist Prof. Kalu M. Kalu; the well-recognized Pastor of the Mt.
Calvary Baptist Church, Rev. Dr. Adolph Roberts, and his Associate Pastor and
former President of the Press Association, Mr. Joe Bragg; famous
columnist Michael Robersts; as well as the avant-guard movie maker New York Administrative Law
Judge Oliver Mbamara and Director Bethels Agomuoh.

Echoing the first statement of Black America's first owned and operated
newspaper publication, Freedom's Journal, in 1827, that "We wish to
plead our own cause... Too long have others spoken for us,"  host Dr. Chika Onyeani of
"StraightTalk on Africa", said the statement was equally true of the African
community in America. "In essence, it says the same thing: nobody is
speaking for the African community in America, and it is up to the Africans to speak for the
continent in a way that Africa has never been spoken about."  Onyeani cited the
example of 11 former African presidents who came to the United States to
attend an seminar at Boston University, and complained bitterly about the bad
media or lack thereof about Africa.   According to Onyeani, "even
this week, one of those former Presidents, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia, again lambasted the
western media about their coverage of Africa."

The content of the AllAfricaRadio includes news, interviews, opinions and
listeners' participation.  It is broadcast from the studios of WPAT
930-AM every Friday at 9:00 pm.   It is the first African news broadcast program of its
kind in the U.S., anchored by an accomplished African journalist,
Chika Onyeani, who is not only the publisher and editor-in-chief of the African Sun Times,
but was this year made a  Fellow of the New York Times Institute for

"It's about time we had a program like this," said an enthusiastic African
Ambassador to the United Nations, "I have been listening every Friday
evening at 9:00 pm.  By the way, where did you guys get the highly pulsating and
intoxicating voodoo-like traditional music, I guess the call signal
for the program?"

"The AllAfricaRadio is already a huge success," said a young African on 116th
Street in the black capital of North America, Harlem, "and my friends and I
listen every Friday.  But, please, play a little more music."

"Great show, great info and dialogue, I really LOVED made me
smarter...LOVE THAT KNOWLEDGE," said Suzzane Engo, President/CEO  of
Girl Behind the Camara Productions and U.N. Rep, African Action on AIDS, and whose face adorned New York City Times Square during the 2004 New Year's eve celebration.

It is "StraightTalk with Chika Onyeani on the AllAfricaRadio," at WPAT -
930AM, every Friday at 9:00 pm.  Good listening at or  Vist to know more about the
Press Release - July 8, 2005
For Immediate Release  -  for more information, please call: 917-279-4038