Dr. Akurang-Parry takes issues with the piece by His Excellency,
Jerry Rawlings.

Jerry Rawlings As Usual!

"Out of that revolt emerged a government under my leadership that was
accountable and transparent, and maintained a high level of integrity.
We did not empower ourselves at the expense of the people. On the
contrary we empowered the people, through political and economic

Today, Rawlings is a globe-trotter whose political theatrics and
demagoguery are treasured by Western institutions and their governments
as if they are not aware of his sanguinary despotism. These are the same
Western institutions and governments that are calling for good
governance in Africa. For more than twenty years, Jerry Rawlings has
magisterially echoed some political catch-words, two of which are
"accountability and transparency." He used such ideological
catch-phrases to dupe peace-loving Ghanaians for 19 years. Indeed, the
rabble-rousing Rawlings has not demonstrated these politically magnetic
catch-words in his private or public life. Today, Rawlings is no longer
the poor soldier who could not afford one meal per day. He owns a fleet
of fancy cars, boats, and can afford to educate his four children in
British universities after his regime had undermined Ghana's stellar
educational system.

Rawlings is accountable and transparent! Elsewhere, I have stated that
Jerry Rawlings suffers from bouts of political amnesia stemming from his
megalomania. Rawlings 19-year dictatorship remains the worst period in
Ghana's political history: democratization of violence as an instrument
of national policies, brutalization and elimination of political
opponents, graft and corruption, destruction of the educational system,
breakdown of the health delivery system, unsurpassed ethnicization of
society - "tribalism," nepotistic brokerage of national resources, and
an endemic culture of silence due to fear etc. Thanks, to Professor Adu
Boahen who challenged the political buffoonery of Rawlings and his
coterie of bankrupt intellectual elite, Ghanaians were able to regain
their political voice.