Obi Nwakanma says that prostitution is a clever way to export poverty
to the West

I do not know what to make of this story other than to take a cynical
view. Now, Africans have nothing to lose; they have entered the
psychotic stage of human development. Since the global order and the
tyranny of international usury has impoverished Africa, there is
nothing left but to export the only thing we are now capable of
producing: poverty. Africans should export their poverty; let the
human flood begin and cause a glut in European and American cities;
it is the movement of the living-dead: they should enter these places
by all means; by every suicidal method; they should take along the
weak and the dying, the afflicted, and dump them at the doorsteps of
the west. Africa should export AIDS and Tuberclosis and Polio and
prostitution. We have a right to break all the barriers that stop any
export, call it the WTO of the marginalized. Nigeria's Mbonu Ojike,
the Chicago University-trained Economist, and minister for Finance
and Economic Development in the Eastern Region of Nigeria, went
around from 1954 proclaiming to Africans, Nigerians in particular,
"boycott the boycottable." He was asking Ngerians to emulate India:
produce locally, and consume what you produce locally. No one
listened. It was a theory of necessary protectionism for fragile
African economies emerging out of colonialism. But no, the west
staged their major battlefronts in the cold war in Africa,
established usurious relationships, destroyed African economies by
direct intervention. Africans are now not even in the position to
boycott anything. But they produce a most lethal thing: poverty. So I
say, to achieve a blance of trade, Africa must export the exportable.
In other words, Africa must export its most impoverished humanity to
the west. It must be done as an active campaign, and must be
state-sponsored. Maybe the flood and the deaths that might ensue from
what would be the long trek, might finally compel new strategies to
eliminate poverty in Africa and establish a balance of trade. I say,
up Cameroonian and other African prostitutes.