Yomi Akinyeye of the University of Lagos praises His Excellency, Jerry Rawlings

I join you in saying bravo to Rawlings for this well reasoned and apt
grasp of the African situation and the appropriate remedy for it.It
is hoped that our European "benefactors" would concede a measure of
ability to reason and understand our problems by at least trying some
of the proposals by Africans themselves about what the continent
requires to be out its present predicament rather than imposing on us
what will make us worse in a few more years ,while they would be
congratulating themselves for trying to help the "irredeemable"
cotinent.The world as at the bar of history about the destiny of the
cradle of humanity.If we miss this opportunity to genuinely assist
Africa, history will not forgive humanity in general for what may or
may not become of Africa.Hence,while thanking the G8 for what they
have done to relief Africa they should take Africa into partnership
for better results.