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Image Index > Age-Equal Adolescent Interactions > Kissing And Fondling

This wine cooler displays four courting pairs in a continuous wrap-around sequence: each pair represents a different level of interaction. Here, two age-equal youths embrace intimately and are about to kiss. The youth on the right throws back his clothing to open up his body for the other youth's enjoyment. The one on the left stands on tiptoe to make himself taller and thus assume a dominant role. He fondles the receptive youth's genitals. The most intimate interactions on the vase are between the partners who appear closest in age.

Artist Smikros
Date c. 510 BCE
Museum and Inventory Number J. Paul Getty Museum 82.AE.43
References and Publications J. Frel, "Euphronios and his Fellows," in W G Moon (ed.), Ancient Greek Art and Iconography (Madison 1983) 147-58
H. A. Shapiro, . "Leagros and Euphronios: Painting Pederasty in Athens." In T. K. Hubbard (ed.) Greek Love Reconsidered. (New York 2000). 25-31.
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