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Image Index > Male Prostitution > Men Offer Crown And Fillet To Youth, Another Turns A Man Down

Three bearded men and two courted youths. The man on the left offers a flower, but the lyre-holding youth raises his hand in an emphatic gesture of refusal, looking the man straight in the eye. On the right, one man offers a crown and the other offers a fillet to the hooded youth who looks down modestly. Are we to understand the declination of the youth's hooded head as the gesture of avoidance or acceptance? If he is allowing himself to be crowned, why is his cloak pulled up so high that it competely covers the back of his head?

Artist Douris
Date c. 480 BCE
Museum and Inventory Number New York, Metropolitan Museum 52.11.4
References and Publications ARV2 437.114
CVA (British Museum 9) 30-31
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