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As on the other side, two pairs of age-equal youths, each consisting of a clothed admirer and naked athlete in a gymnastic setting. The hand gestures of the admirers suggest an attempt to engage the athletes in conversation in each case. As on the other side, each athlete shows a different level of visual engagement and interest: the athlete with the javelin is absorbed by his activity, while the one with the discus is more responsive.

Artist Eretria Painter
Date c. 425 BCE
Museum and Inventory Number San Antonio Museum of Art 86.134.80
References and Publications H. A. Shapiro, C. A. Picon, and G. D. Scott III (eds.), Greek Vases in the San Antonio Museum of Art, (San Antonio 1995) 186-87
A. Lezzi-Hafter, Der Eretria-Maler (Mainz 1988) no.17
T. K. Hubbard, "Pindar, Theoxenus, and the Homoerotic Eye." Arethusa 35 (2002) 277-81.
Other Views of Same Object 168 3
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