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Image Index > Banquet Scenes

Anal Sex Around The Wine Bowl
Another View Of The Same
Detail Of Youth Penetrating Bearded Man
Man And Youth On Couch Playing Kottabos
Men Recline And Interact With Serving Boys
Another Scene Of The Same
Boy Entertains Men With Flute
Youth Entertains Banqueter With Flute
Another Scene Of The Same
Men Are Bathed And Served By Boys
Dionysus Reclines With A Bearded Man
Man Grabs Serving Boy
2 Youths Recline Together
Eros Appears To Reclining Couple
Married Man Admires Serving Boy
Serving Boy And Lovers On Couches
Man Fondles Youth At Sympotic Dance
Youth Offers Wine To Man
Youth Plays Kottabos With Another'S Anus
Anacreon With Dancing Youths
This website makes available to the public the first two chapters of Homosexuality in Greece and Rome: A Sourcebook of Basic Documents, edited by Thomas K. Hubbard and published by University of California Press in April 2003. The index also lists the rest of the sourcebook's contents; the book may be ordered at, list price $34.95 paperback. In addition, a file of close to 200 pertinent artistic images is assembled, including those published in the sourcebook and many others. Acknowledgement is made to University of California Press for permission to reproduce this material, as well as to the various museums that have granted permission to use their photographic images. Comments may be directed to Prof. Hubbard at