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Image Index > Banquet Scenes > Boy Entertains Men With Flute

Three men seated on banqueting couches drinking or playing kottabos (a game of trying to hit a target by throwing wine lees out of their cups). The naked boy on the left uses a sponge and strigil to wash off and massage the man, who turns around to eye the posterior of the boy playing the flute. He wears a helmet, as if to imply that he is drunk and ready for a fight, as may also be suggested by the way he holds his cup, about to throw it (a hold different from the kottabos-throw of the man on the right.) In contrast, the more relaxed man on the center couch strokes his beard in a contemplative fashion,as he admires the naked flute-player. He may not realize that he is about to be struck by his jealous companion's cup.

Artist Douris
Date c. 485 BCE
Museum and Inventory Number Florence, Museo Archeologico 3922
References and Publications ARV2 432.55
CVA (Italy 30) plate 90
D. Buitron-Oliver, Douris: A Master-Painter of Athenian Red-Figure Vases (Mainz 1995) no.99.
Other Views of Same Object 79
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