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Image Index > Courtship Scenes > 3 Men Court 3 Boys

Three man-boy couples, with the boys showing varying degrees of interest. In the middle pair, the boy has accepted the man's gift of a hare, and opens up his cloak to expose his chest. On the left, a man offers a bag (of money? knucklebones or dice?) but the boy remains tightly wrapped in his cloak and appears undecided whether to accept it; he does, however, look directly into the man's face and thus engages with him. He also parts his lips, as if about to speak. The man on the right offers nothing but conversation. The boy remains tightly clothed and looks down in an uninterested way.

Artist Macron
Date c. 480 BCE
Museum and Inventory Number Kunsthistorishes Museum, Vienna IV 3698
References and Publications ARV2 471.193
N.Kunisch, Makron (Mainz 1997) no. 95.
Other Views of Same Object 98
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