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Image Index > Courtship Scenes > Man Offers Bag To Seated Youth

A bearded man approaches a seated youth, who reaches out to accept the bag the man appears to offer him. Does this bag contain money, and is the youth therefore a pornos (male prostitute) sitting in his stall? Or is it a more innocent gift, such as knucklebones or dice? The youth's gaze is directed toward the bag, not the man. The sponge and reticule on the wall may be meant to suggest a gymnastic setting. Note the inscription, "The boy is beautiful."

Artist Douris
Date c. 480 BCE
Museum and Inventory Number New York, Metropolitan Museum 52.11.4
References and Publications ARV2 437.114
CVA (British Museum 9) 30-31
D. Buitron-Oliver, Douris: A Master-Painter of Athenian Red-Figure Vases (Mainz 1995) no. 152
T.K. Hubbard, "Pindar, Theoxenus, and the Homoerotic Eye," Arethusa 35 (2000) 275-79.

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