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Image Index > Divine Abduction/Seduction Scenes > Eros Seizes A Boy

Inscriptions label the cahracters (from the left) as Cecrops, Pandion (both early Athenian Kings), Eos (the Dawn Goddess), and Cephalus (an Athenian youth of the royal family). The unlabelled character on the far right is probably Erechtheus, another Athenian King. Mythological sources record that Cephalus was abducted by Eos just as Ganymede was by Zeus. The two sides of the cup thus illustrate abduction of a beautiful youth by a god and goddess, for pederastic and heterosexual purposes respectively.

Artist Douris
Date c. 480 BCE
Museum and Inventory Number J. Paul Getty Museum 84.AE.569
References and Publications D. Buitron-Oliver, Douris: A Master-Painter of Athenian Red-Figure Vases (Mainz 1995) no.120.
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