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Table of Contents > 1.84 Simonides

1.84: Simonides, fragment 22.9-18 W2
This fragment comes from two tattered papyri, which it first became possible to piece together and assign to Simonides in 1992. The first eight lines are very fragmentary, but seem to describe the speaker reaching a pleasant, forested island, possibly the Isle of the Blessed (an afterlife paradise).
And seeing blond Echecratidas66 with my eyes,
10 I would take his hand,
While he drips the flower of youth from his comely skin
And alluring desire from his eyelids.
And I would luxuriate, reclining with the boy among flowers,
Clearing away from my face white hair and wrinkles,
15 Plaiting a flowery crown . . .
. . . lovely, new-grown on his locks.
Steering an eloquent tongue in my mouth . . .
. . . clear, alluring . . .
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