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Table of Contents > 2.22-2.26 graffiti

2.22: Selected Graffiti from Thera = IG 12.3.537-550

Some of these inscriptions may be as early as the seventh century BCE. They were found on rocks in the vicinity of a temple of Apollo and gymnasium, which may, however, postdate the graffiti.

[537a] By Delphinius Apollo, here Crimon penetrated the son of Bathycles, brother of . . .
[538b] Here Crimon penetrated Amotion.
[540(I)] Lacydidas is good.
[540(II)] Eumelus is the best dancer.
[540(III)] Crimon first delighted Simias with his lascivious dance.
[542] . . . loves Phanocles.
[543] Barbax both dances well and gave . . .
[546] Telecrates is a good dancer.
[547] Pykimedes is the best of the Scamotidae.93
[549] I, . . ., am beautiful in the eyes of all.
[550] In the presence of Dyman, son of Hermeias, . . . always offered . . .

2.23: Selected Graffiti from Athens = IG 12.921-26

These were found at various places in the city and are 6th-5th century BCE in date.

[921] Arisemus is beautiful; Polytime is a whore.
[922] I don't tickle Lysanias, son of Chaerephon.
[923] ...-ous is beautiful and a delight to speak to.
[924] Lysitheus says that he loves Micion especially of the men in the city, for he is courageous.
[925] Lysias is beautiful.
[926] Archias is beautiful.

2.24: Selected Graffiti from Thasos = SEG 32.847

The following, discovered in 1980, are among 58 similar inscriptions incised on three rock faces overlooking an isolated bay. They appear to be mid-fourth century in date.

[13] Aetes is ripe, fair in the face, sweet, and gracious.94
[16] Aetes is refined in the face.
[22] Herophon is gold.
[26] Aetes is elegant in his figure and bearing.
[28] Anthippus is beautiful in the face.
[30] Pythion is sweet.
[36] Myiscus is wild.95
[40] Mys is sweet.
[42] Myiscus has good rhythm.
[44] Aetes is gracious and refined.96
[47] Myiscus is gracious and beautiful.
[54] Myiscus is gold, fair in the face, and . . . of Hera.97
[57] Myiscus is my sweet.
[58] Myiscus of Thasos is silver.

2.25: Selected Graffiti from Nemea = SEG 29.349

The following were written on the walls of a tunnel in the stadium at Nemea, site of a major pan-Hellenic athletic festival. They are 4th-3rd century BCE in date.

[g] Epicrates is beautiful.
[i] Acrotatus is beautiful (and added in a second hand) in the opinion of the writer.98

2.26: Graffiti from Mitylene = IG 12.2.268

Phaestas is beautiful. So says Ogesthenes, who wrote this.
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