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Table of Contents > 2.28 gymnastic law from Beroea

2.28: Gymnastic Law from Beroea = SEG 27.261, side B, 13-15, 26-32

This law can be dated to the mid-second century BCE.

With regard to the boys, let no one of the young men approach the boys, nor let any chat with them, but if one does, let the gymnasiarch101 punish him and let him keep the one doing it away from them. . . . With regard to those who should not have a share in the gymnasium: let neither a slave strip down for the purpose of exercise nor a freedman nor their sons nor an apalaistros24 nor a male prostitute103 nor craftsmen104 nor a drunk nor a madman. And if the gymnasiarch knowingly permits any of those known to be such to be oiled, or if someone reveals this situation to him and proves it, let him pay a penalty of 1,000 drachmas.
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