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Table of Contents > 1.35-1.36 Ibycus

1.35: Ibycus, fragment 287 PMG
Eros, melting me once more with his gaze
From under dark lids,41
With all manner of charms throws me again
Into the boundless nets of the Love Goddess.
5 I tremble at him as he comes,
Like an old prize horse who knows the yoke
And unwilling goes into the swift chariot race
One more time.

1.36: Ibycus, fragment 288 PMG
Euryalus, offspring of the blue-eyed Graces42
And care of the fair-haired Seasons,
The Love Goddess and tender-eyed Seduction
Nurtured you among rosebuds.
This website makes available to the public the first two chapters of Homosexuality in Greece and Rome: A Sourcebook of Basic Documents, edited by Thomas K. Hubbard and published by University of California Press in April 2003. The index also lists the rest of the sourcebook's contents; the book may be ordered at, list price $34.95 paperback. In addition, a file of close to 200 pertinent artistic images is assembled, including those published in the sourcebook and many others. Acknowledgement is made to University of California Press for permission to reproduce this material, as well as to the various museums that have granted permission to use their photographic images. Comments may be directed to Prof. Hubbard at