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2 The Ottoman Sultan who led the invasion of Egypt in 1517.
6 The part of Asia Minor where the Ottomans originally came from.
9 The French expedition was not only military, but of a _______ nature as well.
10 The French came to Egypt because they were trying to find a faster route to get to this Asian destination.
1 The _______ stone, named after the town in the Delta where it was found, was the key to understanding ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.
3 The self-perpetuating slave class that held the positions of power prior to the Ottoman invasion, and continued to be influential during the Ottoman era.
4 A traditional Egyptian latticework design that allows breezes to come through windows while maintaining the privacy of those inside.
5 The leader of the French army, who led the invasion of Egypt in 1798.
7 The ethnicity and language of the Ottomans.
8 The Egyptian port city where the French fleet landed and was subsequently destroyed by the British.