FAQ and Troubleshooting

Can I edit courses for other departments?
Yes; staff members with the "Course Scheduler" role in the COLA database can edit all course information in the database, regardless of department or semester.
How should I designate prerequisites?
If prerequisites are enforced for a section, list them in the course description field.
When will courses appear on the web site?
Courses will be typically be available on department web sites one day after the course schedule is released by the Registrar, provided that each record includes either a course description or a syllabus.
Why do the summer not appear?
Course numbers and sections with a summer prefix (F, S, N, W) are treated as separate courses in the database. Search results display summer classes after all non summer course numbers (numerically then alphabetically).
How come the course does not show up on the department site?
In order for a course to appear, a default or section description must be present.
Where can I get additional help?
Contact Lisa Vera for more information about course scheduling.