The Duali Software



††††††††††† Unlike the other applications used with the Computational Economics book, the Duali application is not commercial software.†† Rather it is academic software, that has a provenance that includes earlier Fortran versions programmed by Kendrick and then by Amman and is now in a C version programmed by Kendrick to run under Microsoft Windows.This software can sometimes crash so you are advised to frequently save your Duali working files and the files from other applications that you are running concurrently.†† Also, keep in mind that there is no support staff for Duali.


††††††††††† On the other hand, the point and click nature of the Duali software greatly reduces the entry cost for learning to solve deterministic and stochastic control models. Also, there is a substantial Userís Guide available below:


††††††††††† Duali User's Guide 99


††††††††††† Duali has proven to be a useful tool in the development of many undergraduate and graduate term papers and even a considerable number of dissertations.Thus our advice about the Duali software is to proceed but proceed with caution.




Download Duali (self-extracting .zip file, 3.33MB)††

December 1999 version





Open the .exe file once the download completes. Then choose the folder when you want the files to be unzip.Double click on dualivc4.exe to launch Duali.




If you would like to be informed of any updates to Duali, please send an email to