introduction to adjectives

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    chapitre 2

  1. avoir 'to have'
  2. -er verbs (regular) present tense
  3. possessive determiners
  4. yes/no questions: est-ce que, n'est-ce pas
  5. basic negation: ne ... pas
  6. introduction to adverbs
  7. interrogative and exclamative quel
  8. introduction to adjectives
  9. adjectives: formation and placement


chapitre 2: questions

8. introduction to adjectives

Grammar quiz! Answer the questions (in English) to test your knowledge of adjectives and adverbs.
1. Adjectives modify ____. (what part of speech?)
2. Adverbs modify ____, ____ and ____. (what parts of speech?)
3. In French, most adjectives are placed ____ the noun.
4. In French, an adjective has to agree in ____ and ____ with the noun it modifies.
5. Which is correct in French?: Il danse (bien/bon).