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Yiddish Children's Books

The Yiddish children's literature that emerged in America in the 1910s often incorporated the urban landscape of America's big cities into the its stories. This is evident in Yiddish textbooks as well as in the marvelous fairy tales that enchanted their young readers. (Please click here and here for examples of illustrations from the fairy tales.) Of course, Yiddish writers also created timeless fantasy worlds for children like those found in other children's literatures. (Please click here and here for examples of these fantastical images.) Among the most popular Yiddish children's writers were Chaver Paver, Kadye Maladowsky, Leon Elbe, and Mani Leib. In addition to the artists who illustrated the journals, numerous other famous artists such as Moses Soyer and Saul Raskin worked with Yiddish writers on their works.