Children Journal
Yiddish Children's Journals
As the Yiddish school systems blossomed in the 1920s, an accompanying literature developed in New York. The Sholem Aleichem Folk Instiute published Kinder Zhurnal [Children's Journal] from 1921 to the late 1970s. The editor for the first 15 years was the leading Yiddish literary critic Shmuel Niger. The Workman Cirlcle published Kinderland, and then Kinder Tsaytung [Children's Newspaper]. The communists schools published the monthly Yungvarg. Many of the leading Yiddish writers tried their hands at writing for children, and as a result, there are many masterpieces in these journals. The leading illustrators were Zuni Maud, Yosl Cutler, Aron Goodelman, Avreml, Saul Raskin, Note Koslovsky, Boris Aronson, Emanuel Romano, and Lola. They designed puzzles, games and comics, in addition to wonderul illustrations of stories.