Moyshe Nadir 1885-1943
Moyshe Nadir
line Nadir (born Yitskhok Rayz) in the town of Narayev, in Eastern Galicia, in what was then Austria-Hungary, arrived with his family in New York in 1898. As a teenager he worked in a sweatshop. His first book "Vilde royzn" [Wild roses], pictured below, was published under a pseudonym in 1915. It quickly brought notoriety to its author due to its erotic and aggressive attitude. Nadir was associated with the Yunge writers, but started to write for the communist Freiheit soon after it began publishing. He stayed with the movement until 1939 when Stalin and Hitler signed a joint non-aggression pact. Nadir was a witty and humorous writer, and was adored by his reading public. He wrote thousands of pieces for the newspaper and thanks to his popularity, even when he did not follow the party line, he was forgiven.
Wild Roses