Major U.S. Government Regulatory Programs

Regulatory Program Year Started Commission (Date Created)
Railroad and trucking industries1 1887 Interstate Commerce Commission, replaced by Surface Transportation Board (1995)
The nation's money supply 1913 Federal Reserve Board
Unfair competition and deceptive acts or practices 1914 Federal Trade Commission
Foods, drugs, and medical services 1930 Food and Drug Administration
Savings and loan associations2 1932 Federal Home Loan Bank
Communications3 1934 Federal Communications Commission
Securities and financial markets 1934 Securities and Exchange Commission
Employees' rights to organize; unfair labor practices 1935 National Labor Relations Board
Nuclear energy 1946 Nuclear Regulatory Commission (1974), from the old Atomic Energy Commission
Waterborne offshore commerce 1961 Federal Maritime Commission
Discrimination by employers and unions4 1964 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Pollution control5 1970 Environmental Protection Agency
Workplace safety 1970 Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Consumer product safety 1972 Consumer Product Safety Commission
Energy6 1977 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Based on, and revised and updated from Dye, Thomas R. 2001. Top Down Policymaking. New York: Chatham House, 146-147.

1. formerly included broad authority over interstate commerce
2. home mortgage loans
3. radio, television, wire, and cable
4. race, gender, and age
5. air, water, solid waste, pesticides, radiation, and toxic substances
6. transportation and sale of natural gas and electricity; licensing of hydroelectric power projects; transportation of oil by pipeline