Political Integration and the Voting Rights Act (Steve Bickerstaff - 3:19)

Professor Steve Bickerstaff discusses what he sees as the positive impact of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Despite criticisms that the Act had a polarizing effect in the country, he argues that it has had the effect of more fully incorporating minority groups into the decision-making process in the United States. The lack of specificity regarding voting and elections in the U.S. Constitution, he explains, has meant that the future application of the Act is subject to the courts' interpretations, making the implementation of the act "an evolving process."

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Interview recorded August 9, 2008 at The University of Texas at Austin. Interview conducted by Dr. James Henson with video production by Daniel Garza assisted by Carrie Wells and Geoff Yano. Audio post-production by Michael Heidenreich with the assistance of Sean Neesley.