Punctuation art
 While drawing a face, students learn the names of punctuation marks.

You will need:

  • For each student, a piece of paper and pen/pencil.
Suggested vocabulary:

          period  comma  question mark  exclamation mark  single quotes  double quotes  colon  semi-colon  hyphen  parenthesis 
          (add diacritics used for individual languages, e.g., tilde, accent marks, etc.)


Click on the thumbnail image if you want to see a larger picture. Teachers who use a screen reader
should ignore the links to the larger images, as the screen reader will read the instructions in order.

  Study the names of the individual punctuation marks.

  On a piece of paper, draw a circle, an oval, or any other shape. Declare it a "face".

  Add facial features using punctuation marks only!

  Here is a face!

  Introduce your "face" to the class, identifying the marks used for the individual facial features.
  As a variation, draw a face using numbers only. You may also want to look into keyboard art (ascii art) for ideas.

  Suggested links for additional ideas-- keyboard and ascii art:
  • ASCII Art
    DMOZ Open Directory Project's page of 50+ links to superb sites on ASCII art. We believe this site is a "must" for anyone interested in keyboard art.

  • ASCII ART Dictionary
    Andreas Freise has created a phenomenal site that has not only a dictionary of ASCII Art, but also animations, links to other excellent ASCII artists' sites, and directions and suggestions on how to produce your own ASCII art. Well worth a visit!

  • ASCII Art Gallery
    ASCII Art Gallery.com features keyboard art depicting animals, cartoons, logos, nature, people, electronics, vehicles, food and weapons, and links to the work of almost 50 ASCII artists. Not to be missed!

  • Ascii Art!
    Coolsig recommends drawing with letters and numbers if you "can't draw your way out of a paper bag" and has uploaded many examples of Ascii art for your pleasure and enjoyment.

  • ASCII Art
    and links to other web-art forms, by Bobbie Peachey

  • Diganta's World: Free ASCII Art
    Diganta Saha, the systems administrator, programmer and modeler for the Virtual Reality Lab at the University of Michigan, provides ASCII graphics on a wide assortment of holidays, special occasions and more.


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