Statues and paintings
 While imitating art themes, students talk about body parts and their position.

You will need:

  • Pictures of statues and famous paintings
Suggested vocabulary:

          (various body parts)  move  place/put  bend  turn  lift  hold  lean  left  right  up  down  backward  forward


Click on the thumbnail image if you want to see a larger picture. Teachers who use a screen reader
should ignore the links to the larger images, as the screen reader will read the instructions in order.

  Work in groups of at least two. The teacher assigns each group a picture of a sculpture or a painting. The group designates one student as the artist. The others serve as subjects.
Each group in turn imitates its picture in front of the class, with the "artist" giving instructions to the subjects in the target language (e.g., put your right elbow on your left knee).

    Here is a good statue to start with (The Thinker by Auguste Rodin).

  Suggested links for additional ideas:
  • Gallery of Statues and Monuments
    Craig Thom's Gallery of photographs, statues and monuments in North America should appeal to most students.

  • Monsters in New York
    Site portrays gargoyles and architectural details from buildings in New York.

  • Virtual Library Museums Pages
    A comprehensive list of museums worldwide organized by country.

  • Le Musée Rodin
    Learn all about the sculptures and paintings at the Rodin Museum in Paris. See photos of "The Thinker," "The Kiss," "The Gates of Hell" and more.

  • The Louvre
    See some of the world's most famous statues and paintings without fighting the crowds. Well worth a visit.

  • Le Musée d'Orsay
    If you enjoy French impressionism or art of the western world from 1848 to 1914, be sure to spend time in this museum. Find links to other museums as well.

  • Hamburger Kunsthalle
    Enjoy the old masters as well as contemporary artists on the Web from one of Germany's most famous art museums.

  • Museums of Israel
    Check out the museums on this site to learn about Israeli art, archaeology, history and science.

  • The Israeli Air Force Museum
    "The story of the Israel Air Force Museum (IAF) is the story of Israel - excitement, split second decisions, amazing dogfights, missions that stunned the world and true acts of heroism. It's a rich, exciting story - a true story that comes alive at the Israel Air Force Museum."

  • Museo del Prado
    Official Web site of the Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain. This visit will be a special treat for those who have studied Spanish.

  • Museums in the USA.
    These museums are listed by name, state, type. There is also a page of "Top Sites" based on readers' picks.

  • The Guggenheim Museum.
    Visit the Guggenheim Museum without traveling to New York.

  • The Smithsonian Art Museum.
    No time to go to Washington? You can still admire some of the 5,000 digitized art works at the Smithsonian Art Museum.

  • WebMuseum
    This site presents a few of the famous paintings and statues found in the Louvre. To go to the museum's official Web site and check out statues, click on

  • The official site of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo
    View artifacts from the Pharaonic eras and more.

  • Museo Nacional Del Arte Decorativo
    The National Museum of Decorative Arts in Buenos Aires.

  • The Tokyo National Museum
    Visit the many galleries of the Tokyo National Museum. Works from Japan, China, and other Asian countries.

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art
    A superb collection of painting, statues, and the decorative arts from all over the world.

  • The Kimbell Art Museum
    A famous museum close to home. Well worth a visit.

  • The Art Institute of Chicago
    Internationally celebrated museum. A "must" when in Chicago.

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