Foreign Language Teachers' Toolbox

Look and Learn Blueprints

Each icon on the "Look and Learn" page links to an activity. The activities are based on a series of visuals, which tell a story or ask for an action. In its computerized form, this tool can be used only on a computer with an internet connection. Some of the picture stories can be made into transparencies or printed handouts.

The "Look and Learn" page has two versions. The teacher version has both visuals and text in English. The student version, which we keep neutral in terms of language in order to secure expression in the target language, has images only, with visual clues to the action required. Thus, for example, where the teacher version asks "which piece is the bottom right corner," the student version will have a question mark at the bottom right corner.

A good strategy would be, then, to study the teacher version of an activity, but in class use the student version of the same activity.

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