Textfield Quiz Form

This form will allow students to answer open-ended or essay questions.
The form below tests reading comprehension of the "Cinderella" story.
The instructor will receive an e-mail message from each student who completes the form.
The size of the text fields (boxes) can be modified by changing the value for columns or rows. Increasing the number of columns ("cols" in the code) will make the box wider; increasing the number of rows will make it taller. Although these values are part of the code, we marked them in pink, as users may want to modify them. In practice, the size of the boxes is primarily a matter of aesthetics or of giving a visual clue to the expected length of the answer. The input will be recorded in full even if the answer exceeds the size of the box. If your answer is longer than the box, the part which you see is what you are currently typing; if the box has more than one row, the scroll bar on the right will become active when the text exceeds the box size. You can see how one modifies the size of the box if you compare the dimensions of the first three boxes (size="20", size="30", and size="40", respectively).

The "textarea name" tag defines what kind of e-mail message the instructor will receive.

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Click here to see the e-mail message which the form generates, with answer samples.
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