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<h3>Quiz 1: Cinderella</h3>

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Use this form to submit the answers to the questions below. Once you have answered the questions, send the quiz to the grader by clicking on the "Send Form" button.</p>

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<p> Question 1: In the story of Cinderella, what was the predicament of the main character?<br>
<textarea name="1:" rows="3" cols="90"> </textarea></p>

<p> Question 2: What was the purpose of the grand ball?<br>
<textarea name="2:" rows="3" cols="90"> </textarea></p>

<p> Question 3: How did the prince find the real Cinderella?<br>
<textarea name="3:" rows="3" cols="90"> </textarea></p>

<p> Question 4: Explain the moral of the story.<br>
<textarea name="4:" rows="3" cols="90"> </textarea></p>

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