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These video clips were produced in January 2002 at The University of Texas at Austin Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services lab. A decade later, the program is very different—students reach the level of Daniel and Greg during the first semester, and the level of Sam around the middle of the second semester. This is possible as the result of different pedagogy, an intensive model of instruction, and six weekly hours in class.

Producer: Yaron Shemer. Technical Support: Kevin West, Eric Eubank. Project Director: Esther Raizen

First Semester Hebrew

Yael and Jared

Third Semester Hebrew

Daniel and Greg

Upper Divsion Hebrew - Sam

Exposure to Hebrew
Reasons for studying Hebrew
Hebrew vs. French
Hebrew at UT

Teaching assistant - Galeet

Work as a teaching assistant
Interest in Hebrew

Hebrew Program coordinator - Esther Raizen

Teaching challenges
Teaching methodology
Hebrew vs. other languages
Interest in teaching
Language skills
Expected level
Unique aspects of the Hebrew program at UT
UT vs. Ulpan
Hebrew teaching assistants

Teaching assistant - David

Studies in the Ulpan
Reasons for studying Hebrew
Work as a teaching assistant
Strengeths of the Hebrew program at UT