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The following audio interviews, conducted in Israel in 1999, were produced at the University of Texas at Austin by Esther Raizen and Liana Brooks as part of the Modern Hebrew Project. Technical support was provided by Mike Heidenreich from Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services.

The interviews are presented in segments for the sake of fast downloading. While designed for use in Hebrew language classes as supplementary materials for listening comprehension and conversation practice, they can provide research data for students and scholars of linguistics and sociolinguistics.

The audio files can be accessed with RealPlayer. For our purposes it is sufficient to download the free player.

Note: Because of our emphasis on the listening comprehension skill, we do not provide parallel transcription or captioning. While their audible component may benefit visually impaired users, the audio clips are not, at this time, accessible to users who are hearing impaired


The Story of Ruth
Ethnic Tradition
Figurative and Literal Language

Kol Dmama

From Idea to Rehearsed Movement
Authenticity vs. Locality
The Language of Dance