Sound Bites > Ulpan Akiva, Winter 1999

The following audio interviews, conducted at Ulpan Akiva in 1999, were produced at the University of Texas at Austin by Esther Raizen and Liana Brooks as part of the Modern Hebrew Project. Technical support was provided by Mike Heidenreich from Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services.

Our special thanks to the staff, instructors and students at Ulpan Akiva, who made this project possible. For information about the Ulpan, visit the Ulpan Akiva site.

The interviews are presented in segments for the sake of fast downloading. While designed for use in Hebrew language classes as supplementary materials for listening comprehension and conversation practice, they can provide research data for students and scholars of linguistics and sociolinguistics.

The audio files can be accessed with RealPlayer. For our purposes it is sufficient to download the free player. The conversations were recorded in regular classrooms and hallways, and may contain significant background noise.

Note: Because of our emphasis on the liestening comprehension skill, we do not provide parallel transcription or captioning. While their audible component may benefit visually impaired users, the audio clips are not, at this time, accessible to users who are hearing impaired.

Berta (Greece)

My aliya and family
My profession; Finding work

David (England)

My family; Why I made aliya
Speaking Hebrew in Israel; Ulpan

Hindi (US)

My aliya, and living on a kibbutz
Interacting with my class mates

Regina (Russia)

My education; Difficulties
Ulpan Akiva; Where I want to live

Svetlana (Ukraine)

My family; Learning Hebrew
What I want to do after the Ulpan

E. (Yemen)

My family; Learning Hebrew

Kita alef

Class discussion: A Guest
Class discussion: I am tired
Class disucssion: What I do on the..

Kita Dalet

Liana; Irena: A lecture on bacteria
Irena: A lecture on bacteria (2)
Irena: A lecture on bacteria (3)


How I came to Ulpan Akiva
My teaching methodology; Working


How I came to Ulpan Akiva
My teaching methodology; Making
Why my work is special

Noga Becker, Pedagogical Coordinator

My responsibilities; How the Ulpan Akiva..
The educational atmosphere
American and European students

Ephraim Lapid, Director

The history of Ulpan Akiva; Hebrew
Our orientation: Language and..