Antiquity and Christian Origins
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Support ISAC at UT

The Institute for the Study of Antiquity and Christian Origins is supported by three generous endowments:

The William Shive Excellence Fund, which supports the general operations and programs of the ISAC, as well as research projects;

The Louise Farmer Boyer Chair in Biblical Studies, which supports teaching and research in the area of Biblical Greek, Christian Origins, and the world of the Bible;

The Ronald Nelson Smith Chair in Classics and Christian Origins, which supports teaching and research in the area of Christian Origins, Early Judaism, and Religions of the Graeco-Roman World.

The above endowments also support two named research fellowships: The Harry Joshua Leon Research Fellowship and The Abraham J. Malherbe Research Fellowship, as well as research appointments to the Institute as William Shive Fellows.

These endowments were made by The Foundation for Biblical Studies of Austin, Texas, in conjuntion with The Foundation for Religious Studies in Texas (in the case of The Ronald Nelson Smith Chair).


Interested in Making a Donation?

f you are interested in making a donation to one of the endowments or to ISAC in general, follow this link on-line.

If you have any questions about the online gift form, please contact our office by calling Nadia Caffesse at (512) 232-1438 or speak with someone in the
Resource Development office.

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