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OSMAP Preliminary Results

On the following webpages, you will find summaries of field seasons; ceramic, numismatic, and faunal data; a masonry database; digital images of photographs, drawings, and early excavation notebooks (Giornali di Scavo); and links to published material.

For excavation reports, see:

Preliminary results of the 2001 study season
Preliminary results of the 2002 field season
Preliminary results of the 2003 study season
Preliminary results of the 2004 study season
Preliminary report of the 2005-2006 excavation and study season
Preliminary report of the 2007-2008 excavation and study season
Preliminary report of the 2009-2010 excavation [IN PREPARATION]

For summaries of more specialized data, such as ceramic finds, numismatic material, and faunal remains, see:

OSMAP's preliminary analysis of archival ceramic material from the 1961-1963 synagogue excavations [COMING SOON].

To access OSMAP's database of masonry analysis, follow this link [COMING SOON].

For digital images such as archival photographs, excavation photographs, architectural and archaeological drawings, as well as images of entries in the Giornali di Scavo relating to the discovery of the synagogue and its early excavation, see the following [COMING SOON]:

Excavation journals, M. F. Squarciapino (Archivi Scientifici e Depositi, Ostia Antica)
• Archival photographs
• OSMAP excavation photographs
• Archaeological drawings (plans, trenches, walls, etc.)

For links to published material, in scholarly journals and elsewhere, see the following:

Fasti OnLine (A database of archaeological excavations since 2000)



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