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Japanizing Your Computer

Japanizing Your Computer

For Mac users:   Mac Language help Video for Leopard;  for Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks (by JOSHU)

For Windows users:  

Windows XP Language Help Video: (by A. Young -- our former student)

Japanizing Windows 7 (by JOSHU)

Declan Software's Guide to Installing the Japanese IME for Windows 7

Input method editors (IMEs) for Windows 8.1, Windows RT 8.1

For Linux users:   Localizing Japan: A blog about translation, localization, and the Japanese language.


How to type in Japanese:

Instruction and practice

Video: How to type in Japanese

Windows Japanese Input and Shortcut (by M. Rogoyski -- our former student)


Adding Furigana:

Mac: How to add Furigana (MSWord)

Windows: How to add Furigana (MSWord)

Open Office: How to add Furigana


and More

How to...: searching for Kanji and Katakana online (instruction and practice) (pdf)


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