JPN 325K 漢字クイズ

Meanings in English

a. you also (informal for

b. much, lots of, many

c. woman

d. [family name]

e. to be born

f. one of these days

g. electrical engineering

h. college major

i. this year

j. study abroad

k. job

l. to take

m. request

n. to teach

o. college, undergraduate

p. to like, be fond of

q. good/talented at

r. before, ago

s. middle school

t. to return home

u. I, myself

v. culture

w. actually, in fact

x. time

y. [familiar title used in
   addressing peers]

z. home

aa. phone

bb. for the first time

cc. humble form of "to

dd. to stay overnight

ee. while, during the time

ff. place

gg. graduate student

hh. Excuse me




















An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese

>Type the reading of each Kanji compound in Hiragana in the box to the right of it, and then choose the correct English equivalent from the left column and enter the letter (lower case) in the box to the right of the word "English."

1.   多い       English
2.   今度       English
3.   君も       English
4.   電気工学       English
5.   女性       English
6.   生まれる       English
7.   お願い       English
8.   石山       English
9.   留学       English
10.   気に入る       English
11.   専攻       English
12.   教える       English
13.   今年       English
14.   仕事       English
15.   取る       English
16.   帰る       English
17.   文化       English
18.   学部       English
19.   上手       English
20.   中学       English
21.   私       English
22.   家       English
23.   実は       English
24.   時       English
25.   前       English
26.   ブラウン君    ブラウン     English
27.   初めて       English
28.   三田       English
29.   所       English
30.   失礼       English
31.   電話       English
32.   申す       English
33.   大学院生       English
34.   泊まる       English
35.   間に       English