'Kyo-kotoba' (Kyoto Japanese)

This is a site about Kyo-kotoba (also called Kyoto-kotoba, Kyoto-ben),
primarily regarding the grammar and accent patterns of Kyoto Japanese.

As this is a work in progress, many of the pages are yet to be complete. A 404 File Not Found error most likely means the page is not yet complete. However, if you believe the page should exist (i.e. you have accessed it before, but now cannot), please contact the webmaster at nguyen dot hoang dot tan at gmail dot com


This site uses symbols such as ●○ in order to describe accent patterns.
Details are explained on the Terminology and Symbols page. Please read before continuing.

Section 2 | Phonemes & Accent

  1. Phonemes
  2. Kyoto-Osaka Accent
  3. Peculiarities of Pronunciation, the "Late Rise"
  4. Relation between Kyoto and Tokyo Accent
  5. Accent of Nouns and Adverbs
  6. Accent of Particles, な-adjectives, and 「や・どす」
  7. Accent of い-adjectives (Table: A Summary of い-adjective Conjugation)
  8. Accent of Verbs (Table: A Summary of Verb Conjugation)
  9. Accent of Auxiliary Verbs
  10. Accent of Compound Words

Section 3 | Differences

  • Differences between Kyoto and Osaka Dialects
  • Differences between Kyoto and Tokyo Dialects

Section 4 | Summary of Vocabulary & Accent

  • Kyo-kotoba Glossary
  • Reverse Kyo-kotoba Glossary
  • Reference Room (Tables of Noun, Verb, and Adjective Accent etc.)

Resources for Kyo-kotoba Enthusiasts



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