Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman

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This audiotext requires Adobe Flash Player 9 or above. If you have javascript enabled, the audiotext will open in a new, full-screen window. Depending on the speed of your computer and connection, the audiotext takes anywhere from several seconds to over a minute to load.

The primary means of controlling the audiotext is the “playhand,” an icon that resembles a Whitman doodle of a hand with an extended index finger. The playhand appears in the left margin of the text and points to the line in the poem that corresponds to the current position of the audio tracks. To move the playhand, click on a line and the playhand will move to that position..

In addition to the playhand, the audiotext offers a toolbar with the following buttons: Options, Previous Page, Next Page, Zoom, and Play.

Play: Starts the audio at the point of the playhand. Use the selection menu to the right of the play button to switch between six different voices. When the audio is playing, the play button converts to a pause button.

Zoom: Fills the window with the region of the audiotext immediately surrounding the playhand. When the audio is playing, this zoomed-in view will scroll automatically. Otherwise, you can click on a line to scroll the view..

Previous Page / Next Page: Turns to the next or previous page. Hold a button down to turn pages at a faster speed.

Options: Opens a panel that offers three means of searching/navigating the audiotext:

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