The "frietes" in this picture seem to be a big part of Belgium identity. Supposedly french fries actually come from Belgium, cool. The hard part for me, and why it is part of the social organization, is that they also come with a choice of some 30-40 different sauces, some spicy, some sweet, etc. There were a ton of locations where frietes are sold, and each location had a different combination of sauces to memorize.


Authentic "pommes frites" - It's the fat!

A Belgian recipe for pommes frites calls for beef kidney suet, which gives them a unique flavor.

I found it funny that in

I found it funny that in McDonald's you would only get a single ketchup packet with fries. I would ask for more ketchup and be handed another single ketchup packet. In the US, they give you a handful if you want more!