Memoria Romana
Events 2013

April 18-20
Conference at the J. Paul Getty Museum, Malibu, CA:

Cultural Memories in the Roman Empire.

Keynote Lecture by Susan Alcock: "Kaleidoscopes and Memory in the Roman Empire," April 18, 2013, 7:30 PM. Information and tickets.

  • Conference Program, April 19-20, 2013. Information and tickets.

    February 22-23
    Keynote by Karl Galinsky
    "Abandonment and Renewal: It's All a Matter of Memory"

    Univ. of Michigan Classics Graduate Conference, “(Re)Constructing the Past: Abandonment and Renewal in the Ancient World."

    June 24
    ("Hercules for all ages: a triptych")
    Keynote, incl. much on memory, by Karl Galinsky

    Univ. of Leeds intern. conference on Hercules

    October 31
    Keynote by Karl Galinsky
    "Approaches to memoria in Rome: theory and practice,"

    Univ. of Leiden research colloquium on the City and Symbol of Rome

    October 1, 2014
      Todd Memorial Lecture in Sydney
    Memory and Forgetting in the Time of Augustus


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