Annual meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature

San Francisco, CA, Nov. 19-22, 2011

Session Title: Memory Perspectives on Early Christianity & its Greco-Roman Context

PANEL 1: Conversion of Religious Landscapes
November 21st, 9:00-11:30am

L. Michael White (University of Texas at Austin), Presiding

Introduction: L. Michael White (5 min.)

Jodi Magness (University of North Carolina)
 “Sweet Memory: Archaeological Evidence of Jesus in Jerusalem” (30 min.)

Milton Moreland (Rhodes College)
"Moving Peter to Rome: Social Memory and Ritualized Space after 70 CE" (30 min.)

Christine Thomas (University of California-Santa Barbara)
 “Reinscribing the City: The Creation of Christian Memory in the Urban Landscape of Ephesos" (30 min.)

Discussion (30 min.)


 PANEL 2: Nero in Christian, Jewish, and Roman Memory
November 22nd, 9:00-11:30am

Karl Galinsky (University of Texas at Austin), Presiding

Introduction: Karl Galinsky (5 min.)

Charles Hedrick (University of California-Santa Cruz)
 “What an Artist Dies in Me: The Generation of Roman Memories of Nero” (30 min.)

Steven Friesen (University of Texas at Austin)
 “Selective Memory: The Recollection of Nero in Revelation and his Irrelevance to 4 Ezra” (30 min.)

Break (30 min.)

Erich Gruen (University of California- Berkeley)
"The Image of Nero in the Sibylline Oracles" (30 min.)

Harry Maier (Vancouver School of Theology), Respondent (30 min.)

Discussion (25 min.)



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