Memoria Romana
Events 2011

March 29
Lecture by Prof. Karl Galinsky

"Napoleon: Ein Zweiter Augustus?"

International Exhibition: Napoleon: Traum und Trauma
Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn, Germany

June 9
Keynote address by Prof. Karl Galinsky
"La costruzione del mito augusteo: a look at the construction site"

International Conference: La costruzione del mito augusteo
Udine, Italy

October 14-16
Rome Conference:

Memory in Rome & Rome in Memory

American Academy in Rome

October 17-18
Workshop for European dissertation fellowship award recipients

November 19-22
  Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature

Conversion of Religious Landscapes; Nero in Christian, Jewish, and Roman Memory

San Francisco
Research Group Panels

December 9
Award of an honorary Doctor of Philosophy to Prof. Karl Galinsky
Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Accompanied by the world premiere of the Neolation musical,
Pietas in peregrinos (= the Dido story with a happy ending!)
by Johann Baptist Adolph (1703)
[An event for the memories, definitely]

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