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Ku Klux Klan Activities In Southern California
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Social Issues
Linda Fregoso
Carlos Sánchez, Vincent Cabeza de Baca
Dec 1, 1981

Ku Klux Klan Activities in Southern California

Historian Cabeza de Baca and Journalist Carlos Sanchez discuss the presence of the Ku Klux Klan in Southern California and the growing threat to Mexicans and Chicanos.

Host Linda Fregoso speaks with historian Cabeza de Vaca and Journalist Carlos Sanchez on the Ku Klux Klan’s growing threat to Mexicans and Mexican Americans. Fregoso argues that the media’s coverage of Klan events ignores the growing threats of violence to minority communities. She says that while many Americans believe the Klan to be an outdated nuisance, in reality they pose a serious threat.

While in the past the Klan mostly targeted African Americans, today they are increasingly targeting Mexicans and Chicanos as they attempt to repel what they call, the “Brown Invasion from Mexico.” Cabeza de Vaca discusses their burgeoning presence in Southern California and in Camp Pendleton.

Chicano journalist Carlos Sanchez retells his own encounter with the Klan at a rally he was covering and the guests discuss examples of how the Klan is indiscriminately targeting the Latino community under the guise of protecting the border from illegal immigration.

Cabeza de Vaca then discusses the Klan’s foray into politics and the growing acceptance of their philosophy. As a result, the NAACP and MEChA are responding with both formal and informal efforts to combat the Klan.


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