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The KUT Longhorn Radio Network Presents: Mexican American Experience Collection

Audio recordings including interviews, music, and informational programs related to the Mexican American community and their concerns in the series "The Mexican American Experience" and "A esta hora conversamos" from the Longhorn Radio Network, 1976-1982.

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Chicano Advocates: A User's Guide To The Centro Chicano In Austin
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Alejandro Saenz
Martin Delgado, Zeke Uballe
Aug 9, 1977

Chicano Advocates: A user's guide to the Centro Chicano in Austin

Zeke Uballe and Martin Delgado discuss the advocacy work they do in the Centro Chicano in Austin, Texas. Uballe explains that in 1974 Brown Berets organized the first Centros Chicanos as sites where people in the barrio could register their complaints or instances of discrimination. These Centros dealt mostly with complaints against the police and tried to mediate between the police and the Chicano Community. The Centros rely on grants, volunteers and fundraisers to keep operating.

With money provided by the Urban Council of Churches as well as the Parks and Recreation department, the Austin Centro has been able to focus on organizing youth activities and doing social advocacy work for Chicanos in need, especially the elderly who do not qualify for Social Security.

Delgado then talk about the critical role of volunteers in the Centro. They make referrals, help individuals and take complaints. Uballe explains they work very closely together and encourage people to come and volunteer, especially social work students who need experience.


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