Spanish Tasks - Austin Police Department

Table of Contents

Introduction and Description

Along the top bar of this page you will see the categories for the various scenarios: Introduction, Traffic Stops, Collisions, Family Disturbance, Burglary, Auto Theft, and Robbery. Click on any one of these categories and a list of the scenarios will appear in a Table of Contents in this frame. Within each category click on the example number of the scenario you would like to review. The movie, transcript, and translation will appear in the main frame to the right. The bar below the movie window controls the start, stop, pause, and volume of the movie.

Note 1

The ideas expressed in these scenarios are fictitious. We thank those officers and volunteers who portrayed the role-play situations.

Note 2

The video clips of these interviews are automatically embedded into the page and are saved as QuickTime movies. You will need the QuickTime plugin to view them in your web browser.