Spanish Tasks Austin Police Department
Robbery - Individual, Business

Scenario 27

Robbery - Business: Cooperative victim, additional witnesses
Get information, what happened, what taken, description of suspect, identify other witnesses, etc.

Example 2: Steve Domínguez

- ¿Usted es la dueña de la tienda? - Sí señor. - ¿Qué fue lo que ocurrió? - Bueno, estaba mi empleada, su nombre es Martha, y ella estaba atendiendo la tienda. - ¿Usted no estaba aquí? - No, no estaba aquí. - ¿Dónde está Martha? - Martha está allá. - OK. Will you go talk to Martha. Apparently she's the one that got robbed. She wasn't here when it happened. Este, ¿su tienda tiene cámara? - Sí señor. - ¿Tienes cámara que está grabando 24 horas lo que está pasando? - Sí, sí, sí. - So, esta persona, ¿es posible que esté en...? - La grabación. Sí, como no. - Bueno, este, ¿no mira, qué fue..., no mira ninguna cosa movida aquí donde puede haber huellas? - Bueno, entraron tres gentes, y lo que ella me dijo que pasó, es que robaron la mercancía que teníamos aquí en frente y sí está sobre una mesa entonces las huellas digitales deben de estar allí. - ¿Fue todo lo que tocaron? - Aparentemente que sí. - Entonces, este, vamos para la oficina a ver si podemos ver la grabación y ver si está la persona que hizo esto. - Claro que sí.

- Are you the owner of the store? - Yes sir. - What was it that happened here. - Well, my employee was here. Her name is Martha. And she was watching the store. - You weren't here? - No, I wasn't here. - And where is Martha? - Martha is over there. - OK, Will you go talk to Martha. Apparently she's the one who got robbed. She wasn't here when it happened. So, does your store have a camera? - Yes sir. - Do you have a camera that tapes 24 hour what is going on? - Yes, yes, yes. - So this person, it is possible that he is...? - On the tape. Yes, of course. - So, do you see, what was..., do you see anything that has been moved here were there could be fingerprints? - Well, there were three people who came in, according to her, and what she said that happened was that the stole the merchandize that was here in the front and it is on top of this table so the fingerprints should be on it there. ­ Was that everything that they touched? - Apparently so. - So, let's go to the office to see if we can see the tape and see if the person who did this is on it. - Of course.