Spanish Tasks Austin Police Department
Traffic Stops - General, DWI, Officer Safety Techniques

Scenario 10

Traffic Stop: DWI: sobriety test
Get information and give sobriety test (and related commands)

Example 3, Part C: Steve Domínguez

- Ahora, de esta posición cualquier pie, no le hace, cualquier pie que le guste más, el que esté más confortable, va a levantar seis pulgadas. Va a apuntar la punta del dedo para arriba, con los ojos a la punta del dedo, manos a su lado. Va a contar hasta treinta.- OK.- Ciento uno, ciento dos, ciento tres, ciento treinta, hasta que llegue a los treinta. ¿Estamos de acuerdo?- De acuerdo.- ¿Entiende lo que le he explicado?- Sí.- Cuando usted esté listo.

- Now from this position with either foot, it doesn't matter, with any foot whatever you like, which ever is most comfortable, you are going to raise it six inches. You are going to point the toe straight up, with your eyes to the end of your toes, hands to your side. And you are going to count to thirty. - OK. - One hundred and one, one hundred and two, one hundred and three, one hundred and thirty, until you get to thirty. Are we together? - All right. - Do you understand what I have explained to you? - Yes. - Whenever you are ready.