Spanish Tasks Austin Police Department
Traffic Stops - General, DWI, Officer Safety Techniques

Scenario 8

Traffic Stop: General, search vehicle
Get general information, ask for consent to search vehicle

Example 2: Héctor Arredondo

- Good morning ma'am, may I see your driver's license?- No entiendo inglés. Puede hablar español?- ¿Puedo ver su licencia de manejar por favor?- Sí.- Señora, la razón que la paré es que este carro matchea un incidente que pasó perteneciendo a donde hubo unos cuantos balazos que le tiraron a una casa. Este, ¿usted y su pasajera si pueden bajarse y que usted me da permiso buscar si no trae armas en este vehículo?- Sí señor, como no.

- Good morning ma'am, may I see your driver's license? - I don't understand English. Can you speak Spanish? - May I see your driver's license please? - Yes. - Ma'am, the reason that I stopped you is because this car matches one in an incident that happen regarding where there were some shots that were fired at a house. So, could you and your passenger get out and could you give me permission to search and see if there are weapons in this vehicle.? - Yes sir, of course.