Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation

Jeremy Bentham

Chapter 6, Footnote #13
Proposal not visionary

This is far from being a visionary proposal, not reducible to practice. I speak from experience, having actually drawn up such an estimate, though upon the least commodious of the two plans, and before the several circumstances in question had been reduced to the precise number and order in which they are here enumerated. This is a part of the matter destined for another work. There are some of these circumstances that bestow particular denominations on the persons they relate to: thus,from the circumstance of bodily imperfections, persons are denominated deaf, dumb, blind, and so forth: from the circumstance of insanity, idiots, and maniacs: from the circumstance of age, infants: for all which classes of persons particular provision is made in the Code. See B. I. tit. [Exemptions]. Persons thus distinguished will form so many articles in the catalogus personarum privilegiatarum . See Appendix. tit. Composition].

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